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Add spice to your story and exercise your imagination!

Our workshops and training sessions have bought the infinite possibility of puppets into hundreds of hands and hearts.

We can help many different groups (schools, youth clubs, theatre companies, colleges, businesses, community groups) to work collaboratively in a spirit of play and discovery, to produce pieces of puppetry drama and celebratory events. We have helped many people breathe life into their creations and stories, finding voices from within and discovering hidden characters.

We do not necessarily believe that "many cooks spoil the broth". More that with a skilled and responsive head chef can bring the many flavours of personal expression together in a way they can flourish together. Hence we can led groups as large as 150 to make a show together.

Over the years we have gathered a vast repertoire of team building, confidence raising games and activities that create a solid foundation of exploration and expression. We are fully aware of the incredible power of puppets as an aid to communication, transformation and healing.

Our workshops are built for the needs of each individual group. We can tackle issues or integrate themes and/or particular stories. We have helped people to create pieces based on myths and legends, from the nativity to the Mabinogi, around issues from bullying to citizenship. The creation of a show can be a really valuable way to produce a community evaluation and a brilliant way to feel confident in a new langauge. So if you think we could probably run a workshops around a certain story or theme - we probably can! There are, of course, also workshops that link in with our shows.

We also work collaboratively with other artists, musicians and dancers to provide unique workshop experiences.

We wholeheartedly believe in the workshop as an art form in its own right and believe it is vital to be involved with others who are also trying to explore and invigorate the discussion into workshop and community arts practice. We are members of the
Welsh Association of Community Artists and the Moveable Feast.

We provide the equipment and material and generally two facilitators for each workshop.