photo_Rackatack the Cockerel

A pirate's life for me

Will there come a day when I can say aloud
I'm a pirate and a poet, and I'm proud!

You may think that old Mary MacGreagor and Annie Greengrass may be more at home in the dusty closets of your local charity shop but look closer. These two sea dogs are in fact legendary.
Once the scourge of the seven seas, feared and redeemed by all seamen and scoundrels. If only they can agree on where they left their trusty old ship.

With an incredible steam punk ship that is ingeniously hidden among the tatters and treasures of their tall stories, this unruly pair bring their past to life with the aid of puppets, scraps of scummy old maps and bawdy songs.

But me land lubbers, be warned - don't believe a word of it!