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Owen Glynne Davies

Owen Glynne Davies works under the name Cwmni Cortyn'. He uses many different kind of puppets - hand puppets, marionettes, stick puppets and moving mouth puppets.

He was taught television puppeteering under the Maneg program that was provided by Cwmni'r Wennol in 1993. His television work includes Sang-di Fang (Teledu'r Tir Glas), Sdwnsh (Dime Goch), Miri Morio (Opus). He also has worked on video, Glanhawyr y Gofod (Llond Llaw) and currently is working as a puppeteer for the DVD seriesFflic a Fflac (Tinopolis).

Owen Glynne Davies has used his voice for Megamics (Cwmni Sain) and his fingers to play the charango and banjo in various groups and sessions. He has worked with various other puppet companies such asLiving Daylights, Bysedd Prysur, Llondllaw and recently, Vagabondi.

Recently, work has included puppeteering work in I Hate Her I Hate Her,Black Dog Times (Ivan and Heather Morison) and Muriel 'Sbwriel.